Saturday, July 7, 2007


Since last year, PTK is being held up to four times a year to provide more opportunity for civil servants to sit for PTK compared to only once a year previously. Currently there are about one million civil servants in the country.

Between 370,000 and 400,000 civil servants from all 719 government agencies representing all the 272 services sit for PTK annually. All civil servants are required to sit for the PTK except for those in the Premier Grade (JUSA) and the Special Grade, the top management bracket. The civil servants who have to sit for the PTK consist of Support Group II (Grade 1-16), Support Group I (Grade 17-41) and the Professional and Managerial Group (Grade 48-54).

The Support Group II among others include workers like cooks and clerical staff, among the lower rung civil servants, while Support Group I include assistant administrative officers, teachers and technicians. The Professional and Managerial Group includes among others teachers, engineers and administrative officers.

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