Saturday, July 7, 2007

Purpose Of The PTK

The main purpose of the PTK is to encourage self-development through continuous learning process and implementing the competency based human resources management. The rational in implementing PTK is to ensure civil servants have the knowledge, expertise and positive values in ensuring efficient service delivery. It is also meant to enhance the capability of the civil servants in facing the challenges brought about by globalisation, the nation's competitiveness, the effectiveness in implementing projects and delivering the services in line with the expectation of the people and stakeholders.

The PTK appraisal varies according to the position held by the civil servants and the methodology in use includes the following; essay and multiple choice questions, evaluation during courses, practical, observation, tests or interviews. Other than that, the Competency Evaluation Board can decide a suitable PTK evaluation method including the professional competency test to complement or as a replacement for PTK.

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