Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Lack or preparation, wrong strategy and over confidence were the underlying reasons why civil servants failed in the PTK test.

In this context, the heads of departments must assist their subordinates by ensuring there is enough preparation apart from identifying suitable evaluation methods.

On the laments that many of those who have served for a long time are not enjoying salary increments and promotions because they failed the PTK, the veterans must think of competing with the others.

"PTK is a must regardless new or old face...Seniority is less important than meritocracy and performance"

The senior civil servants must accept the fact that they have to compete with their younger counterparts.

On Cuepacs' request that the old timers are exempted from PTK, it is inappropriate that officers of the same grade are discriminated due to the age factor what more when they all are given the same opportunity and evaluated on the same basis.

The majority of civil servants favoured PTK and did not reject it outright as alleged by Cuepacs.

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