Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Rationale For Introducing The PTK

When the New Remuneration Scheme (SSB) was introduced in 1991, civil servants moaned on the way their performance are being appraised saying it's too subjective and exposed to bias. There is some legitimacy to this apprehension because the rewards under SSB, namely static, horizontal or vertical salary increment and promotion, are solely dependent on the heads of department's appraisal and observation.

In 2002, the Malaysian Remuneration Scheme (SSM) was introduced to replace SSB with the civil service undergoing changes in the organisational structure toward facilitating and speeding up the decision making process. With the introduction of the SSM, civil servants enjoyed new employment scheme with better emolument, including the basic salary, fixed and variable allowances, and better career prospects and the SSM emphasised on training and quality aspects.

The benchmark in appraising the civil servants were also reviewed under SSM with the emphasis on the evaluation conducted by the evaluation panel and the competency shown by the civil servant through Competency Level Assessment (PTK).

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